Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Raising Energy Levels from Fear to Love

Written by: Rob Nielson, LMFT

In my younger years teaching karate I contemplated the meaning of “Master”, a title given to martial artists for their skills and knowledge. Deciding I would be involved in the discipline of karate throughout my life, becoming a “Master” for me would mean that I master my emotions. I would strive throughout my involvement with karate to continually live as stress free as possible and endeavor to stay positive. Though I don’t consider myself a master yet, I am certainly a lot closer by actively working on this goal.

As a hypnotherapist working with clients, I concluded that “Love’ was the most positive emotion and “Fear” was the most negative. (This marked the beginning of me developing the “Fears Chart” used at Cedar Ridge Academy.) Certainly, there are no limits to the magnitude one can feel love or the intensity of feeling fear. The goal of moving away from fear to love would focus on reducing the intensity of fear (anger is a form of fear) and increasing the levels of positive emotions in the people I work with.

We conducted a student workshop during the month of July which focused on raising energy levels (from fear to love) and I am again confronted with the power that our fears have over us. For many of the students, we adults as well, endeavoring to feel more gratitude will trigger discomfort stemming from past experience. An example would be someone trying to be nice hoping to be liked and then having to deal with someone else’s anger resulting in feeling hurt. They then use anger as a way not to feel hurt. Indeed, my observations are that many students responded to wanting to raise their energy levels will become vulnerable, get triggered and then act out in various ways. I believe I noticed this somewhat after my goal of raising awareness and hopefully motivation to work on more positive emotional energy.

One of the assignments during the workshop was for parents and students to focus on emotions and the effects emotions have on one’s mind and health. Through the use of a few YouTube videos, discussion and written assignments an exploration of openness and attitudes of the students was conducted. Likewise we asked parents to give input about how they felt regarding the pursuit of the emotional health of their son or daughter respectively.

The two YouTube videos are Water Consciousness & Intent and Rice Consciousness experiment.
One video watched during the workshop showcased how emotions will affect water crystal formation. This concept is still controversial and the discussions among students and parents were rich with content. The other YouTube video(s) were on the experiment of how thoughts affect rice. We conducted our own experiment with rice to test the theory but found our replication lacked the controlled environment.

Student workshop week was a great success in exploring the emotions and how they may be affecting other aspects of our lives consciously or unconsciously.

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