Friday, May 9, 2014

Reflecting back on April's A to Z Challenge at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School

Reflecting back on April, both my co-writer and I can agree it was a busy, eventful, and fun-packed adventure.  We split up our writing crew into two committees being lead by my co-writer and I.  My co-writer had three others along with her on the committee writing four blogs per person. My committee consisted of two others and I enjoyed writing some of my own blog posts for the challenge. She and I both agree that writing our own along with editing others took up much more time and effort than expected. However, the outcome was worth it in the end. We were able to learn more about the blogging community and relate and interact with people all over the world via the Internet. The blogs also taught each of us that everyone has their own writing style and semantics, making each blog written very unique. Some slackers, scattered in both committees, made the blogging experience a little more complicated than necessary. But, it gave us room (as a group ) to grow and learn from one another and gain patience and discussions.  Each time a blog was posted, the person who wrote it was more than ecstatic to read the feedback written by other bloggers.  We were able to gain more insight and see different perspectives from bloggers all around the world. We were also able to voice our own opinions and perspectives about other topics written by other authors and about our very own school. It was a neat experience to see the differences amongst people and what they were passionate about.  In our Social Studies classes, each class wrote their own set of A-Z blogs, which also added to the mix of things.  Due to the fact the blogs were related to the class the students were enrolled in, they had to pick a topic related to that class.  It was entertaining to see each student go a little wild in their ideas and how they were going to get their point across in 350 words.

In summary, we were both new to the blogging community but we were quickly welcomed by everyone and immediately felt like we belonged. Thank you all for making our first blogging experience (possibly our last) a memorable one!

Yay we did it!

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