Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zoom...TIME FLIES

Z is for Zoom
Here at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School, the days blur together and (like April has) time flies by. We are constantly on the move, whether it is outside working in the garden or tending to llamas, or working on school. Many factors play into time here including seasons, school, workload, schedule, and the number of students on campus.

Seasons are a huge factor because a majority of the projects we take on are outside. In the winter here in Utah, it gets cold, windy, and snowy which prevent us from outdoor time. In the springtime, we turn the garden and add some of the oh-too-fresh compost to fertilize the soil and then we plant veggies and a combination of beautiful flowers. This spring, on the girls’ side of campus, we are working on building a fence due to the fact that the local deer feel entitled to our veggies. In the summer time, most of our downtime is spent outside working in the garden, playing with the animals, and trying to stay cool in this hot, dry climate. We also enjoy eating outside with campus-wide BBQ’s and playing sports in the ball field. Fall is spent preparing for the winter months. We turn the garden a few times and rake up all the fallen leaves. In the winter time, we spend a majority of the time bonding and growing together as homes and a campus. Ombu, the girls’ home, plays cards and board games with any free time or pile together on the couches for a girly night.
The girls also spend time in the colder months doing crafts

Seasons aren’t the only influence on our activities here though. School is another big part of our time. We are in school from 8-3 PM and then again from 6-7 in the afternoons during the week. Because every student works at their own pace, the blended learning style allows each individual to take the time needed to really learn the material. This allows students to graduate year round and sometimes even graduate ahead of their expected class.

We appreciate the time you have taken to read about our lives here at Cedar Ridge, and hope that we have answered a majority of the questions you might have!


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