Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Work Project

W is for work project
Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School teaches their students here many useful life lessons and skills that are applicable to home life. Work project is one of those lessons that are taught here at Cedar Ridge Academy. Work project mainly consists of pulling weeds, mowing lawns, weed whacking, raking leaves, garden care and upkeep, moving rocks, etc. Work project is usually done in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. When I first got here I use to hate doing work project because especially during the summer, the days can get really hot causing me to get extremely sweaty and dirty. At the beginning, I use to dread pulling weeds and raking up the cut up grass left on the lawn mower. But I slowly adjusted and began to actually tolerate work project. Still today, work project isn't my favorite thing to do, as I would rather be lazy and watch a movie or have down time in the home, but I can honestly say that I do appreciate work project. I have learned through work project how to have a good work ethic that can be applied to anything in life. For me, the work ethic applied for cleaning in the home. Personally I'm not ecstatic about cleaning the bathroom I use from top to bottom, but I have learned how to work hard at it and ultimately scrub the bathroom down from ceiling to floor. This is just one area in which I was able to apply the skills and lessons that I've learned from work project into life.

When you visit and see the beauty around you,
the students are responsible for that
I come from a pretty well-off family that lives in San Francisco, CA. At my house, all the landscaping around my house was done by hired professionals. Never in my life did I have to worry about raking up leaves, picking up branches, or mowing the lawn. Personally my whole norm was that the grass was cut and my lawn looked beautiful. Obviously I knew that somebody had to do it, but up until I came to Cedar Ridge Academy, I had never run a lawn mower or weed whacker in my life. Through work project, I have been able to learn many valuable skills so in the future when I have my own family, I can take care of my own lawn. I feel that I was very arrogant and thought of myself as better than those people who were landscapers. Through numerous hours of work project and gallons of sweat, I have been able to appreciate and really value others and their service to me regardless if that was landscaping, therapy, coaching, teaching, etc. I can actually say that I finally don't dread work project and actually enjoy it as a way to exert some physical energy. For me, that is a total paradigm shift from since I first got here. In all honesty, my whole view on life has been a complete 180 degree paradigm shift since my beginning of Cedar Ridge Academy.

The students regularly improve the look of campus

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