Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Unity at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School

U is for Unity
Here at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School, we have many opportunities to learn unity and camaraderie with our peers along with staff. We are able to learn unity through the various activities that we do here such as basketball, karate, softball, along with just our basic every day schedule. We are able to learn camaraderie through basketball because we get to play as a team. It’s not only in the ability to play as a team, but to learn, grow, and function as a team. We learn unity in basketball because as we run plays, we have to learn how to function not only as individuals, but as one solid unit. We get great practice at this through playing games in the local Ute tribe men’s league. Through our blood, sweat, and tears, we all become one solid functioning unit. In practice, we run, play, and do drills together that make us better as a whole. Thanks to basketball and our coach, I have learned to have patience with my teammates, to carry through on all that I do, and to give it my all no matter what the situation. It has taught me how to lead and be led, as well as how to function not only as a person, but as a member of a team and a family. Another team sport we play is softball.  Like basketball, softball helps to build our camaraderie because on the field we all have to work as one whole unit as well being able to function on our own too.

Karate has had many benefits for me, and bringing all of us on Cedar Ridge campus together as one whole group and team. As we work on our katas, we learn how to give effort yet how to receive instruction. We learn to understand that the body, mind, and spirit must work as one to perform at our very best in karate. That to function and be the best we can to have unity within ourselves. All parts and aspects of our lives must work in unison and harmony. Karate also teaches us in our katas to work as a whole, and through the katas, and sparring we learn to respect and work with each other.

The boys practice their unity last summer with a ropes course

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