Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Tough Times

T is for Tough Times
Here at Cedar Ridge Academy International Private Therapeutic Boarding School our lives aren’t a walk through the park. Yes, the boys and girls here have their fair share of ups but we also have our fair share of hard times. A majority of our stay at Cedar Ridge Academy is based around therapy and working through our core problems. For many it is a day to day struggle for a while, especially if you are really working your program and working on bettering yourself. We are all really different so our problems are just as diverse as we are. Some struggle with stuff that may seem harder than others but no matter how severe someone has to at least at some point face things that are scary, hard, and at times what seem impossible.

A tradition with the girls to get through their tough times,
burning items that remind them of their
past to gain a sense of closure
For me, I have recently been working on learning to work through my previous experiences and core belief that I am unworthy. For most of my life I have always felt like I never deserve to be happy, to have the good things, to be with someone worth being with, to be respected. I didn’t feel I deserved anything. But recently, I went through a tough time. I got involved into sketchy things with a person who wasn’t worth it for me. I wasn’t able to get that through my head at the time though and I didn’t get it till recently. I am worthy of it all. I deserve the good things in life and I deserve to be respected; I shouldn’t settle for less. Now as hard as that experience was for me and still is, because of it I am growing and maturing and learning from my poor choices. I am already stronger. I am getting close to the end of my program and this is a situation that I am truly grateful for because of how much I have gained from it. This is just one example of why I believe that these tough times are necessary. I believe that through hardships and tough times we grow as well as become even more appreciative for the good times we experience. I feel that if you choose to make the best out of the worst that that is exactly the outcome you’ll get. 

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