Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Responsibility at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School

R is for Responsibility
Responsibilities are usually something students lack coming into Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School. A majority of us blew them off as we made poor decisions and got into new friend groups. Here, we are given a list of chores to do on a daily basis and some are given assertive positions. On top of that, we are also responsible for ourselves and our actions, animals, our schooling, our programs and our general day-to-day behaviors.

Our daily chores might not seem like much, but they all add up. In the home, each student is given a few chores that they need to sign off in the morning and in the afternoon and they are responsible for making sure they are done consistently. In the home, the chores are separated by rooms such as kitchen, laundry room, bedrooms, dining room, and bathroom, and the chore loads are usually broken up by the amount of stuff in each room.

Assertive positions are usually given by the staff in the home in a way to gain trust with the students. The assertive positions include: watering, garden, work project, house leader, assistant house leader, school chore assertive, animal, gym assertive, and kitchen deep clean assertive. Each assertive usually goes into it being insecure and scared. By the time the staff removes you, the student is assertive, confident, and ready to stand up for themselves.

We are also responsible for ourselves, which in reality is one of the biggest responsibilities of all. Our program is entirely on us whither or not we want to work or just sit here until we are 18 and we can walk out on our own.

School is also a top priority for us because at Cedar Ridge we are solely responsible for getting school done. We have online school and can move at our own pace.

Girls working hard in the kitchen
Animals are one of the biggest responsibilities we have here at Cedar Ridge. We have llamas, goats, ducks, a spider, a snake, (a skunk that lives illegally underneath the girls’ home) and many other lone rangers that wonder through our property.

The responsibilities we are given here allow us to grow and learn how to be responsible, independent individuals.

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