Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is Quiet Time at Cedar Ridge Private International Therapeutic Boarding School

Q is for Quiet Time
Here at Cedar Ridge Academy an international therapeutic boarding school we have quiet time from 9:00 to 10:00 every night to allow us to reflect upon our days and to allow us to do other things we need to do without having a distraction. Cedar Ridge Academy is a coed boarding school with certified teachers and great staff who help us improve on our lives and in our relationships with family.

Quiet time is an hour a day and it allows us to reflect on what we did and some of the things that we have been feeling that day. During quiet time, you can read do projects or even do homework to catch up or get ahead in school. Getting time during the day to just sit back relax and read is very uncommon unless it’s during quiet time. I hated reading when I came to Cedar Ridge Academy, but now I love to read and I can read at a much more efficient level.
During quiet time, you can meditate, which I feel is great. Meditation is a great skill for self-soothing and it allows you to calm yourself faster than if you tried normally. Mediation has helped me get my next level and to lose some anger issues that were not healthy for me. I enjoy meditating every chance I get so I am calm, cool, and collected.

During quiet time, I can also use the computer to type an email to my parents or other on my approved email list. I can also use the computer to do my therapy packet. You can do your therapy packet every night and then vote up in no time.

Journaling is another productive thing to do during quiet time. You can write about your day, the next day, and what you would like to do during that day and other things to help you out. I journal about how I am feeling about myself, Cedar Ridge Academy, and my parents/ friends at home.
Reading is a great option for students during quiet time.

Quiet time is a great addition to every day. It allows students to wind down before they go to bed and staff before they go home. Everyone uses quiet time differently, but no one uses it wrong. If you are being productive and it is helping you are right.

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