Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Program

P is for Program
P is for the program here at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Boarding School. Cedar Ridge bases the program on a level system that ranges from the lowest level, which is trust level 400 to the highest level trust level 900. As you arrive here at Cedar Ridge you come in on trust level 400, and on 400 you really have very little privileges compared to being a 900 and being almost self governing here at Cedar Ridge. Also in being here at Cedar Ridge and you are working to get 900 the program teaches you many different things that you need to know in life. Things that I feel are very important to help make you successful in life. Some things that you learn here at Cedar Ridge are things such as how to be a honest and good person, and to have integrity too. Another valuable tool and life lesson that you throughout the program is how to effectively communicate in any situation, as well as how to deal with your emotions in an appropriate manner no matter what type of situation that you may possibly be in or may have to deal with. Also Cedar Ridge does a great job with helping many troubled teens from ages 12 all the way up to 18 years old who struggle with emotional, and substance abuse issues. The program here at Cedar Ridge does a fantastic job with their program, and helping troubled teens to resolve their issues, and become successful adults in our lives, and in the world.

The level system here at Cedar Ridge and the way the program works with the levels is that when you come in, you come in on 400, and as a 400 you really have very little privileges. Then on 500 you have a few more privileges but not many. As you get 600 the doors start to open up a little more as you can have a straight razor, and you are allowed to go to your room without staff for up to one minute. Once you reach 700 the opportunities to get off campus and participate in off campus activities really opens up for you, also you are allowed to go to your room by yourself without staff as long as it is not na extended period of time. Once you reach 800 you are allowed to wear your own clothes and to have food/treats that are not from Cedar Ridge if they are given to you. Once you hit 900 you are ultimately now self governing, and are hopefully ready to graduate and go home. 
A great therapy activity for the girls as they
burn items to gain closure from events in their past

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