Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Overcoming Fears at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School

O is for Overcoming Fears
This blog post will be about overcoming your fears and what you need to do to face them and get better with them here are Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School. Everyone in the world has fears that have to do with being social or with any general thing there is out there in the world. The boys and girls here at Cedar Ridge Academy all have fears and we all find out ways of how we can approach them with our best ability and not avoid them. The main thing that I have learned about fears are that you attract what you avoid, so if you approach you fear and face it you are getting stronger and stronger.

At Cedar Ridge Academy, one thing that the students work on with the help from staff is to basically face your fears so you can become comfortable with things that you are uncomfortable with. An example of this would be that you are afraid of speaking in front of a large group of people and you get really nervous and don’t feel comfortable doing it. Instead of avoiding that the best thing that you could possible do is just get up there and do it so you can get better at it.

Another kind of fear that we approach here are things that have to do with the fears chart. Like a fear of rejection of feeling rejected from a certain peer group or just from one person that you are trying to gain acceptance from. The way you would usually avoid getting that feeling would be to basically not be yourself and do things that are cool to get accepted from that peer or peer group. One of the biggest things here at Cedar Ridge is to be yourself, get to know yourself better, and to most of all love and respect yourself for who you really are. If you can be yourself and not avoid being yourself you will find it a lot easier to make friends that way.

Most of all, the main thing to do is to approach and face your fears to have self-mastery at what used to be your fear. 
A funny way students approach their fears are with the different bugs and critters

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