Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Not Accepting at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapuetic Boarding School

N is for Not Accepting
Not accepting is one of the teaching interactions that students may receive here at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School. It is considered a pretty serious teaching interaction that is given out when the student doesn’t accept a previous teaching interaction given, doesn’t accept feedback, or doesn’t accept instructions that were given.

For many students that come into Cedar Ridge Academy, many struggle with authority and accepting what they have to say. For me in my life, I struggled with respecting my parents and listening and taking in what they had to say. Upon my arrival at Cedar Ridge Academy, I was quickly looking down a long tedious road of struggling with authority. It took me a while for me to adjust and learn how to respect authority. The not accepting teaching interaction is a 2 teaching interaction. Most all 2 teaching interactions are categorized as being oppositional or defiant. With the all teaching interactions come points that the student must earn back. A 2 teaching interaction comes with 20 points and can be earned back through an hour of physical work like scrubbing grout, pulling weeds, etc or from writing papers that stimulate the brain into realizing what actions that the student could improve on in the future. The points are a fantastic way for the student to think about the actions that they just took. Whenever I was doing physical work like scrubbing grout, I was given a good way to release some of my anger and frustration and give me time to think about what I’d done wrong and how I can improve. The papers are usually all 1 page long in length and they range from writing about your accountability, to preventing the problem in the future. The papers are a great way for students to recognize what they were doing and how it affects themselves and their relationships.

A funny moment during karaoke really shows not accepting 
For me personally, the not accepting teaching interaction has taught me how to respect the authority figures in my life. Recently, I was given the opportunity to go on a home pass and when I was home my parents did say some things that I didn’t agree with, but using the tools and skills that I have acquired here at Cedar Ridge, I was able to handle the situation very respectfully and I was able to prevent arguments and conflicts. This is a huge difference for me in my life because prior to Cedar Ridge Academy, I was commonly oppositional and defiant. Cedar Ridge Academy has given me so many tools and skills that I am able to apply to life which is so beneficial towards me.

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