Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Levels at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School

L is for Levels
Here at Cedar Ridge Academy, an international private therapeutic boarding school, we have a system of levels that allows us to improve on our lives and to learn independence and other good qualities. Cedar Ridge Academy is a coed boarding school with certified teachers and great staff who help us improve on our lives and in our relationships with family.

Level 400 is the level you start out on when you get to Cedar Ridge. There are not many things that you can do on level 400. When I got to Cedar Ridge I did not want to be on that level for very long so I got all of my requirements signed off the first night I was here by my home manager. When on level 400, it is the only level where you can get the next one without voting up.
Voting up is the process where you read off the level requirements and then your peers will tell you if they feel that you meet the requirements for that level. When you are done with that you need to get feedback from a certain number of staff, depending on the level, and they will tell you if they support you. To get 500 and 900 you don’t need to do this, but for 600, 700 and 800 you do. For 600, your therapist, home manager and the school need to support you. 700 the same people, but add the home supervisor, and same for 800.

Level 500 is the next level after 400. When you are on 500 you do not have too many more privileges, but you are one step closer to getting 600 and gaining trust with staff.

Level 600 is the level where staff no longer has to watch you in your room. In my opinion, this is where the trust really starts to form. You ask the staff to go to your room and you tell them why you are going and then they will just say okay. This is also when you start to work in the kitchen. You will work around 3 or 4 shifts in the kitchen a week out of 21 shifts depending on the home you are in. You can also go off campus on 600 if you are on a sport team or if you are “thirding” for someone else leaving campus.

Here we have 4 students (from left to right) on
 level 500, 600 and two level 700's
Level 700 is the level where you and your staff are putting around the same amount of effort into your relationship. When you are 700, you can ask to go to your room without telling staff why, you can skip a meal as long as you haven’t had an issue with that while home. You can handle sharp knives in the kitchen and you can also come in the kitchen on the weekend and help make breakfast or other meals if the staff says it is okay. On this level you can also get radioed from one building to another with staff discretion.

Level 800 and 900 are the levels in which you start to be independent. On 800 and 900, you can get radioed outside to hang out/walk around, to go running, or to go see the animals. On 800, staff are allowed to share food with you or give you gum and other things but you are not supposed to ask for them. On 900, you can ask politely for something. On these levels you tell staff where you are going before you go, your room, bathroom , shower, etc. 800 and 900 are the levels in which you can graduate the program on 4 months on 800 and 2 on 900. These levels are meant to help you adjust to going home soon because you are no longer asking to do things, but you are letting staff know that you are doing them. Staff can still tell you no, but if you are being appropriate you should have no problem doing what you want to do. 

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