Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for "Kool Kids" at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School

This blog post will be about all of the “kool kids” at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School, also known as the students. In our therapeutic program, we have boys and girls who attend and it is a very safe environment for everyone. There is a variety of different kids here who attend Cedar Ridge Academy and to me they are all cool and nice.

K is for "kool kids"
Everyone comes here to Cedar Ridge with their own problems and everyone is different. Some people can relate and some cannot. But whenever someone comes here to Cedar Ridge they have a hard time adjusting and things don’t always go their way. Over time they start to want change, fix their problems and start to be the best person they can possible be and to me that makes them a “kool kat”. The fact that kids can be here for so long causes them to want to leave by doing what they need to do and the right thing, which is getting their levels and following the rules.

I can personally relate with a lot of kids here in this program and can get along with everyone. In my life, I have never had so many close friends that I can be around and feel comfortable with. It makes me feel good as a person knowing that I can have really close friends that I care for and I know that they care for me. Since we live in homes with like 10 other boys, it is like a huge family of brothers and I like that. Everyone in the home is a “kool kid” in their own way and we learn to respect ourselves and each other for who we really are. This causes us as a person to learn how to build good relationships with ourselves and each other.

Overall, being here at Cedar Ridge can help you with a lot of things like being a “kool kid” in the right way by doing the right things in life. There are life changing things that can happen here at Cedar Ridge to make you live a better life. 
Karate also starts with a K!

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