Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Impact Letter

I is for Impact Letter
Here at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Therapeutic Boarding School, we get an impact letter at the beginning of our program. The impact letter is from our parents and or guardian. It explains to us why they felt we should go to a therapeutic program. The impact letter is the start to your recovery.

When I first got to Cedar Ridge Academy, I already knew about the impact letter because I had been to a wilderness program before here. The impact letter allows you to start to open up to your peers and staff. It also allows everyone, including staff, to understand the reasons why you are here. My impact letter was mostly about school, because I had missed so much school my parents decided it would be best for me to be at a boarding school with a great credit recovery program.

The impact letter also allows for you to take accountability for your actions instead of blaming others for things that have happened. When you get it you read it to your home during family (a group where we listen to others and give feedback). When we are in a family setting, we have the opportunity to speak our mind and say what we feel. The impact letter is a great ice breaker for everyone, it gives us a sense of who you were and your struggles when you were home. I say were because you are not that person anymore, you are still the same person but your attitude and your bad habits will change.

My impact letter allowed me to be open and honest to my peers and the staff. It also allowed me to give my opinion or my perspective on the situation. If I felt that something wasn’t right in my impact letter, I could say I feel differently about it. It also allowed the students and staff to ask me questions about my personal life in a situation where I was very comfortable and felt I could be vulnerable.

The impact letter allows you to open up with people and start a relationship with them. It allows you to be real and to be open and honest about what has happened and why you feel that way. The impact letter allows you to take accountability for you previous actions. It allows you to grow as a person and become something you may not have been able to without it.

Reading an impact letter to his peers 
so they can help him with his program

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