Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Group Experientials

G_is_for_Group Experiential_social_Anxiety_therapeutic_boarding_school_private_international_Cedar_Ridge_Academy
G is for Group Experiential
Here at Cedar Ridge Academy Private International Boarding School, we (the students) often partake in group experiential activities. Group experientials are activities that we do in groups that range from 3 to 16 boys and girls. The experientials are very beneficial for the students. The experientials have varying activities that range from playing basketball to crawling through a spider web made out of rope. All the experientials are meant to symbolize life skills. Some examples of the life skills that are learned are: teamwork, communication, asking for help, hard work, personal characteristics, and bringing the homes together. Some experientials are meant to trigger students into acknowledging their issues and problems, like how students will sit down and say what they do that pushes people away from them.

My personal favorite experiential was when we sat down as a campus and one-by-one every student stood up in the middle of the group and said what they loved about themselves. Then 5 peers here at Cedar Ridge Academy gave the person in the middle a compliment that they liked about the person. I greatly enjoyed the experiential because I noticed how much of a difference it made for me. It greatly boosted my morale and I felt that as a campus, it brought us closer together. The experiential showed how caring and loving the students are at Cedar Ridge Academy.

Group experientials are meant to make some kids uncomfortable and allow for them to grow and become a stronger person. This experiential did exactly that. For many students who are shy and might suffer from social anxiety, it was a huge approach for them to stand up in the middle of the group and have the spotlight on them. All experientials are meant to make the person grow and teach him/her valuable life skills. For example, recently I partook in an experiential involving K’nex. The experiential overall was very fun for me, but I learned how valuable communication is. I wasn’t communicating with my group and so some of us were making the same item needed for our project. Due to the lack of communication, we were wasting valuable time and energy that could be bitterly spent elsewhere. This is just an example of the life skills and lessons that we can learn from Group Experientials. 

One of the groups after the K'nex group experiential showing off their creation

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