Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Extra-curricular Activities at Cedar Ridge Academy

As you read, I will tell you about the various extra-curricular activities that we have here at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School. Here at Cedar Ridge our clubs range anywhere from Magic (a card game) to sports and chess. Each day of the week hosts a new opportunity to do a new extra-curricular activity. Each student can choose to join a club during the school day sponsored by a certified teacher or after-school with residential staff members.

E is for Extra-curricular activities
Magic Club generally happens on Monday mornings and random times throughout the weekend. This club allows for boys to socialize amongst each other, which allows us to build those relationships with each other.

In basketball, we have the opportunity to play for at least an hour a day. Basketball is a sport that all students can play in our free-time, but we also have a chance to be on the basketball team with our coaches, Sam and Wes. Cedar Ridge's basketball team generally has men's league games on Mondays and Wednesdays nights hosted by the local Ute tribe. 

Also, we get the opportunity to do a lot of Karate here at Cedar Ridge, which gives us a great chance to work on our self discipline and mindfulness. We do exercise drills called Katas in karate, which are sets of formal movements and rhythms that help us to work on our form, concentration, and balance. Karate is done at least three times a week, so even if you don't like it at first, chances are you will learn to enjoy it, and want to better yourself.

Fun times in karate class at Cedar Ridge
Boxing is yet another one of the extra-curricular activities that we do here at Cedar Ridge. We have the chance to go and beat the bag, as often as we can. You also get to learn the sweet science between the body, its movements, and the power that you truly have.

Volleyball is something that we enjoy here campus wide, and we all love to play. It gives a lot of us the opportunity to try our skills at a sport that we may not be the most proficient at, but we learn to better ourselves through it.

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