Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Accepting

Accepting is one of the hardest things to do whether it be feedback, consequences, being at Cedar Ridge, or responsibility. Cedar Ridge Academy is a therapeutic boarding school, it teaches boys and girls to deal with their issues. Accepting means to approve or to agree with. At Cedar Ridge you don’t have to agree with it, but you have to take it in.

A is for Accepting
Accepting is the hardest thing for me to do, especially in the moment. When you are at Cedar Ridge accepting in the moment is the most crucial in my opinion. Here you need to accept things for what they really are. Here we learn to accept our problems and deal with them.

The first thing you need to accept here is: being in the program. This is one of the harder things to accept, because you are in a new environment and probably not in the best head space. When you accept being in the program, you have already somewhat accepted the responsibility to deal with issues. Accepting being at Cedar Ridge is going to be hard to do, but it allows you to start working on yourself, your school, and your relationships.

The thing that is the hardest for me to accept is consequences. I've learned that even if you didn’t do it you should accept in the moment and later go talk to the staff that gave you the consequence. Most staff members are going to be very open to talking to you about the consequence and why it was given, you will get to put in your side of the story and then they will tell you their side. As time goes by accepting becomes easier, even second nature to some. It is no longer a struggle after you realize it is in your best interest.

There is a wide variety of staff and peers at Cedar Ridge. They all have different perspectives on things and will give you different feedback. Although students may not see the person’s feedback as valid it is that person’s perspective of what is happening and why it is happening. Many of the staff here have been doing this for a while and know what or why something is going on, but everyone is different so they could still be wrong. They have very valid points, but will let you speak your mind if you accept the feedback that they gave you.
Me getting over my fear of snakes and 
accepting responsibility to deal with fears

We need to accept the responsibility to deal with our problems. Everyone here has a problem or fear that they need to confront; some are the same and some are different. It is necessary here to do this at some point, and it becomes easier the more you do it. If you feel everyone is out to get you and you have a fear of trust you should express it and confront the fear. Most if not all people are here to help you and try to make you feel more comfortable. When I first came to Cedar Ridge, I was afraid of snakes and I didn’t want to approach this fear. Eventually the science teacher Chad told me that there was a snake in his room and that he was harmless. At first I didn’t believe him and I thought it would bite me and I would die. He brought the snake to me and showed me that others were okay with holding him and that he was not as scary as I thought. I ended up holding him and I didn’t feel he was scary anymore.

At Cedar Ridge we have a very nurturing environment. The staff members give their time to help us improve our lives. We are a family here and we help each other like a family should.

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