Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rock Climbing at Cedar Ridge Academy Private Therapeutic Boarding School

Rock climbing is one of the most powerful and exhilarating sports known to man. It offers not only a thrilling rush, but also a never-ending mental challenge. To climb you are pushing past fears and doubts and entering an unnatural and beautiful world. Like karate, which is such a big part of the therapy we students participate in here at Cedar Ridge Academy, rock climbing can also positively impact your life.

You can get there!
When you stand at the base of the rock you are about to climb you are facing an enormous puzzle. Each move is executed thoughtfully and gracefully, for the wrong move can send you tumbling down the face of the slope. At that point it is up to the person belaying you to catch your fall, turning simple rock climbing into a dance of trust. It’s a special kind of relationship, between the climber and belayer, constructed purely of the fact that your life is in another person’s hands. You grow closer and gain confidence in yourself and the other person.

The climbing itself is an adventure. Whether you’re leading a climb or just practicing some top roping, it is an adrenaline-charged, emotional journey. Once you are on belay and acknowledge to the belayer that you’re ready to climb, you have committed and it becomes very hard to back down. You dip your hands in your chalk bag to steady yourself and begin the journey. As you work your way up you constantly surprise yourself. You use muscles you never even considered beforehand. It’s pure finger tips and toes. Sometimes you find yourself balancing precariously on your pinky toe, holding on with only your fingernail. The higher and higher you climb the more of a mind trip it becomes. It’s just you and the rock. You fall in love with rough, friction-filled faces; and curse glacier polished, moss-covered expanses. It is fun, scary, and challenging. You must give it all you’ve got. The only other option is to give in and get lowered down.

This student had a great opportunity to rock climb
and spend time with her family.
Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you reach the end of your climb. As you push yourself up on top of the rock, you can feel the energy and the glory racing, building up inside of you. And then it explodes! As you stand there and peer down at the route you just conquered, you are on top of the world! Rock climbing is the ultimate thrill and something that everyone should experience!

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