Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cedar Ridge Academy Becomes an International Boarding School

Cedar Ridge Academy Private Therapeutic Boarding School has a reputation of thinking outside the box when offering alternative solutions, in addition to the traditional approaches, to increase a students’ academic performance.  Our most recent accomplishment in this ongoing pursuit was the authorization from the federal government to enroll international students here at Cedar Ridge Academy.

The director and assistant director of institutional research at Duke University recently published their findings pertaining to the benefits of international students on their U.S. classmates.

This longitudinal study revealed the alumni of these notable universities who actively interacted with the international students at their universities had:
·         Enhanced their own self-confidence
·         Develop Leadership Qualities
·         Increased Quantitative Skills
·         Increased Appreciation for Art and Literature
·         Placing Current Problems in Historical Perspective
·         Read or Speak Foreign Languages
·         More Informed about Foreign Cultures and more likely to Reexamine: Political, Religious, Racial or Ethnic Viewpoints

Announcing_the_enrollment_of_international_students_at_Cedar_ridge_academy_therapeutic_boarding_schoolThe intercultural interactions here at Cedar Ridge Academy will provide a supportive environment to balance the students as they are presented with environmental challenges allowing for increased learning and personal development.   This mutually beneficial opportunity will better prepare our students for higher education and careers involving international relations.

Our Admissions Director, Steve Miller, is enthusiastic about working with all families to determine if Cedar Ridge Academy is the right fit and to help them transition into the new International Private Therapeutic Boarding School setting.  

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