Friday, October 25, 2013

News and Announcements: Cedar Ridge Academy International Private Therapeutic Boarding School Students Win 2nd Place at Basketball Tournament

Going for the jump shot!
Basketball, to many people, may just seem like a game. But, to me, basketball is way more than just a game. Basketball has brought so many positive things into my life. At Cedar Ridge Academy International Private Therapeutic Boarding School, I have gained so much therapeutically through basketball. I have learned powerful life lessons, like how to be a leader for my fellow teammates to follow. Being a captain of the basketball team, I have taken on a big responsibility to be a leader of the team both on and off the court. For me personally, I love being in a leadership role, which has benefited me off the court in numerous ways because I am more assertive with my peers. Basketball has had tremendous effects on my academic development since being at Cedar Ridge Academy. On the court, you are taught to work hard and leave the court knowing that you gave 100% of your effort. This goes right along with our work in school. Many people don’t realize and value education, but through hard work in basketball, you begin to develop many good habits that can be applied to studying. I know that for me in school now I always push myself to be getting 100% on my quizzes and tests. Similarly in basketball, I want to always be giving my best effort and pushing myself to new heights.

Use that defense!

One of the aspects of basketball that I significantly enjoy is the family and brotherhood that we gain through being a team. We currently have 8 boys on the team. The vibe of the team is that we are all one loving family. On or off the court we are always motivating each other to be successful; whether this means doing extra school, working hard in therapy, or pushing harder in basketball. In order to play in off-campus tournaments you need to be on trust-level 700. For many, this goal is inevitably hard. I have found that through motivation from my teammates and personal desire to want to play in off-campus tournaments, that I have gained big motivation to work my therapy.

Get that game winning shot!

On October 11th, 6 boys and 2 staff began on the journey down to St. George to play in a 3 vs. 3 basketball tournament. Emotions and adrenaline were overflowing as we approached game time. People were getting nervous, but for many it was going to be the stage where all the hours we had put in the gym were going to pay off. My team began by demolishing a local team 21-7. This greatly raised our spirits as we played the other Cedar Ridge team beating them 21-12. We left the court for the day having high spirits and hope of clinching the championship spot tomorrow. The next day, we faced competition and lost both of our games to two very talented teams. We went into the playoff spot as the number 3 seed playing the 2nd place team in a single round elimination. The stakes were high as the winner of the game was advancing to the finals and the losers sent home with nothing. We had lost to this team earlier, so mixed emotions were running through the court as some feelings of doubt were inevitably running through our minds. As the game began, we immediately set the tone of the game by playing very physically and letting the other team know we were here to stay. After 20 minutes of good physical basketball, the game was brought into overtime with each team having 12 points apiece. In overtime, whichever team scored 3 points first was the winner. We started off with the ball and I got an easy hook shot that put us up 1-0. The other team converted by getting an easy layup. My teammate scored the next basket and the tides were in our favor as we were 1 point away from advancing to the finals. The other team was getting antsy and began jacking up wild 3 pointers in a last minute effort to win the game. After 4 or 5 missed shots, we finally got the rebound. With the ball cleared, I got the ball at the corner about 15 feet from the basket. Rising up, I knocked down the game winner that brought us into the finals to play the #1 seed. In the championship game, we still played hard, but ended up losing to a talented team. We ended the tournament in 2nd place and received medals for our accomplishments.

The team that won second place!!

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