Friday, October 4, 2013

A Student at Cedar Ridge Academy Private Therapeutic Boarding School is Fascinated by Dreams

At Cedar Ridge Academy Private Therapeutic Boarding School, the students spend time learning about psychology and how their own fears fit into their reality.  Often times, the boys and girls on campus choose to go into something psychology related when they go on to college, whether as an international student or an American student.  One of our students explained one of the reasons why she enjoys psychology--dreams.

What do dreams mean? Some say that they are simple nonsense your mind comes up with at night, some say they are based off things you heard throughout the day, and some even say that dreams are your minds way of letting out emotions, thoughts, or fears through the scenes that play during your sleep. What if you could just say that all three ideas were true? That could mean that your mind does those things on different occasions. When it feels the need to let something out, it will; when it hangs onto something that happened during the day it will show it in your sleep; if you have a creative mind, then creative dreams may come up. Or it could mean that all three of those things happen at once. Maybe your mind is letting some emotions out, using a detail from the day to do it, and making a scene of complete nonsense all at once. 

The author experiencing her own dream
Either way, I’m inclined to believe that while dreams may sometimes be crazy, and can even give me a sense of déjà vu, they always mean something. That is why they fascinate me so much. They can bring things up from you conscious, or even unconscious, and turn them into a riddle to solve. What’s even more amazing to me is how quick people are to shrug them off like nothing. Somebody could be having a dream where they are running from an evil figure who is strikingly similar to an abuser from their life. They decide to push it away, and so it keeps coming back. Or it could be a dream with a more positive outcome, but still something you pay no mind to. But what if that dream was trying to show you that you hadn’t worked through your anger or pain from the past? What if it was trying to show you that something could bring you happiness, but you just didn’t realize it yet? My point is, no matter what your assumptions are about sleeping and dreams, there may be something you’re missing out on. Give yourself a chance to explore what goes on in your head and see if there’s anything there--hiding in the shadows of your dreams.

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