Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer Fun in Uinta Canyon at Cedar Ridge Academy Private Therapeutic Boarding School

As a school, we try to take advantage of the great outdoor explore that is at our fingertips around Cedar Ridge Academy Private Therapeutic Boarding School.  Being in Roosevelt, Utah, we are very close to the Uinta Mountains.  As mentioned in a previous post, the girls recently had the opportunity to spend a day in the mountains.  They hiked, did arts and crafts, cooked over a fire, and many other fun activities. We have more reflections to share with you today.

One student remarked:
Creativity expressed in crafts
I had a good experience when we went hiking and then afterwards made arts and crafts.  I liked that we got to enjoy the nature, such as the deer, rabbits, streams, and many mountains. Another thing that I thought was fun was when we each got to decorate our own letters of our first names.  Lastly, I liked that we got to cook our own food on a campfire and prepare it ourselves.  Overall, I had a pretty good time when we went to the mountains.
One student told this story:

The hike today was beautiful. I'm so grateful to spend this time with my Cedar Ridge family.  I loved being able to encourage the girls that had a harder time with the hike.  I could empathize with the ones that felt like they couldn't make it because I can remember one specific hike with my brother and my dad in Colorado where they were in much better shape than me.  I struggled, but I knew that it would be worth it for the view.  So I was able to use this experience to empathize and I'm grateful for that.
Finally, this student expressed this:
The girls enjoying table tennis
Exploring the nature and the sun beating on myself is beautiful. I like to feel as if I'm on an adventure in this beautiful place I call home.  Climbing up the mountains made me feel stronger and uplifted me.  I strived to get to the top.  The sky was grey, but there was a small glimpse of a ray of sunshine that would go upon my face. I take climbing up mountains as it is in my program at Cedar Ridge.  I was motivated to reach the top and feel powerful from each step I took.  The view is so outstanding, the trees were huge, and the birds were chirping.  Up here in the Uinta Canyon feels like heaven.  Life is filled with new adventures and endless possibilities. 

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