Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fishing at Cedar Ridge Academy Private Therapeutic Boarding School

Every month or so, Cedar Ridge Academy Private Therapeutic Boarding School plans a student workshop for the students.  The idea is to get them doing something different and unique while focusing a bit more on their therapeutic progress.  As we mentioned in our last blog post, some of the boys recently went camping and fishing. This is great fun for them as a lot of them come from wilderness programs before arriving here. This student did just that, and had a unique perspective to offer about their recent adventure.

So a few weeks ago, a few of the guys on campus had the privilege of going on an overnight camping trip for a few nights. We actually had a lot of fun with fishing, hanging out with each other and the two staff that took us on the trip, and just having fun.  It was great being out in the woods for the first time in a long time, especially for the two of us that went to a wilderness program prior to coming to Cedar Ridge. We got to cook our own food, for the group of us, and joke around with each other in a way that was actually fun and easy to do in a non-disrespectful way. The five of us students had a ball spending time with our off-campus versions of some of the staff, which was definitely a huge bundle of fun.
Enjoying our tarp shelter!

The main point of this trip was really to go fishing and to have fun with that, but along the way we got to go frolicking in a field the furthest away from any parental authority any of us has been since before CRA. It rained the day we drove up to the mountains where we were going to be camping during the trip so while we were setting up our shelters we got a little wet, but it was still fun. The two of us that went to a wilderness program prior helped our the other three guys set up their tarp shelters since its really an unusual way to camp. But since we had experience, we thought, “why not” and just helped to fix up their stuff. Anyway, all of the kids that went on the trip caught at least one fish and our fish catching leader caught nine! One of the kids actually caught his first ever fish, which was pretty cool to see. I hope to go fishing again soon.

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