Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daily Life at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Private Boarding School

As a way to continue to improve academics, the students at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Private Boarding School practice writing different genres.  These genres include essays, short stories, narratives, reflections, and newsletter columns.  These newsletter columns are published to The Cedar Spectrum, the school's student newsletter.  These stories are also often published to the blog as well.  This column was published in our most recent issue.

Girls decorate for the 4th of July.
The daily routine in the Ombu home Monday through Saturday is that we wake up at 7 AM to staff saying “Good morning ladies!” We come out of our rooms, say good morning and depending on the level you happen to be on, either ask to be watched in your room or you get to go back in your room to make your bed and get everything  you’re going to need that morning in order to get ready. Usually we have twenty minutes in the morning to get ready which can get hectic if you’re not used to it, especially when you’re living with nine other girls. Sundays are different in the sense that we get up at 8 AM however, you have the choice to wake up earlier than that allowing more time to get ready.
I enjoy living in the Ombu home for multiple reasons. The ones that stand out to me the most is that everyone in this home cares about each other’s emotional safety and well-being. The second reason is that these girls are supportive of one another’s progress with the program. Something I find unique about the foundation of building friendships with each girl is that we all hold each other accountable for actions and call each other out on our wrong doings and right doings. Feedback in the Ombu home towards one another is something that we value because it serves a purpose to better that particular person and help them become more mindful of the things they are doing right and the things that aren’t necessarily the healthiest for them to be doing in the first place. By far I believe that the relationships that I am making here will last once outside of Cedar Ridge Academy.

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