Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Civic Service, and Leadership: Required Class for Cedar Ridge Academy Students

At Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School, a required course to complete prior to graduation is called Civic, Service, and Leadership.  This class requires ten activities to be completed for the course. This class is all a part of the rigorous curriculum at our private high school. These activities can be completed in a variety of different ways, mostly by talking to your teacher mentor here about different ideas and seeing which things would be the most likely possibilities or by participating in a project that another student has already organized.  Some of these projects have been done frequently before in the past, some of them are brand new, and others are new ideas from creative minds from the students here. Most of the projects that go on here are coed, which allows both the boys and girls to participate in the activity to get the service credits.

Students also participate in highway clean-up.
Largely most of the Civic Service Projects that I've participated in here I was uninterested in participating in, although they have largely been on campus activities which enable most students to be able to participate. At least me personally, I was unable to find a reason that I should participate in these projects until I talked to our guidance counselor about how many credits I had and found out I was around 4-5 credits away from graduating high school, which was a huge surprise and gave me a huge spur in motivation to finish as many classes as I could before I left and tried to make graduating high school my biggest priority. After that I began talking to my teacher mentor Kimberly about different civic service projects that I could do to get that done with so I could graduate as soon as possible. Since that time I’ve participate in a few projects and organized my own projects as well so I could get my credits moving.

Community service builds leadership skills.

The most recent civic service project that has been done was a project that I had organized to make bracelets out of paracord, which we would then send to active troops in Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever they are stationed.  These bracelets would help them out if they ever needed to have a rope to tie something together or to help lower people down a cliff. I also organized another project to cut plastic bags into thin strips to send to women in Africa so they can then crochet them into purses to sell to help support their families. It has been great to make these items to help other people all around the world.

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