Monday, August 5, 2013

Cedar Ridge Academy Students Attend Karate Camp in Arizona

On July 12th, Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School students attended a karate camp in Payson, Arizona.  These four girls had a great time learning new karate techniques.  Katelyn wrote about what they learned.

Our instructor was visiting from South Africa, as well as others from California, Washington, and other areas. The camp started with an instruction of the proper kumite, or fighting stance. Malcom, our instructor, was very adamant about getting it correct. We needed to make sure we were “coiled,” so we could thrust forward and get a very strong reverse punch in. After an instruction on the stance, we moved on to the actual punch; using torch, extending our reach all the way, and tensing our core.

Practicing a kata

When Malcom believed we had gotten the basics down, we switched to controlled freestyle. With a partner, we took time to get into a correct fighting stance, and then we worked on the timing and spacing. Along with the fighting stance, the main point throughout training was having spirit. We learned that we needed to have an attitude of defeat. Malcom had us practice our “look.” He wanted us to look menacing, courageous, yet calm. We were practicing as though we were actually about to fight somebody. The whole point was to show the opponent that you are not intimidated, and feel it in you that though you weren’t either. Overall, the fighting stance, or kumite, a strong reverse punch, spirit, and freestyle were the main points of what we learned.

Perfecting the stance

We did also get to watch kyu and dan exams for the different belt levels. This was exciting to see how skilled some of the black belts were, and how focused they could be. Another part I enjoyed about the camp was our instructor himself. He was very blunt, and very excited about what he was teaching. This made it easier to stay focused. Overall, I had a good time at the camp; I learned a good amount in the few days we were there, and improved my skills in the karate. 

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