Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Students at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Review The Brain Fix

Many of the boys and girls who come to Cedar Ridge Academy are here because of destructive behavior. Whether they're here because of drug abuse, an eating disorder, or depression there always tends to be a great deal of damage done to the brain. The book, The Brain Fix, by Ralph E. Carson, is packed with great information for those who want to recover or improve their brain function.
The reviewer reflects as she reads The Brain Fix.
The book begins by explaining that no matter how considerable the damage is, the brain is elastic and can recover and grow. Short-term memory can be improved, along with focus and concentration. This is perfect information for students who come to Cedar Ridge struggling with their academics. The Brain Fix also covers what you can do to heal your brain in the best way to have a successful recovery from addiction and eating disorders.  For those who struggle with depression and anxiety, The Brain Fix explains how to conquer these threatening issues in a natural way. At the end of the book, it describes the perfect mindset for making changes and outlines how to go about doing so.

The book is broken down into different sections. The first section of the book contains several chapters about nutrition. What you'll find is that what you eat really does affect the brain. The brain needs specific nutrients to grow stronger and function at its highest level. Certain foods will even increase your capability of recovering from addiction and other psychological problems. The next few sections focus on lifestyle and behavioral changes that can help your brain. The initial chapters talk about exercise and its healing properties. Getting a sufficient amount of exercise can make a big difference on your mood, focus, and energy level. A lack of exercise can greatly damage the brain just like many of the bad habits Cedar Ridge students come in with. After this, the book explains how underrated yet important sleep is for the brain. Sleep impacts the brain enormously, and is as equally important as exercise is for the brain. The Brain Fix is packed full of interesting facts.

This book is for everyone, not just those in recovery. It can be a huge help to anyone who commits to making the changes that the book describes. In other words, if you have a brain The Brain Fix can help you too.

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