Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Hypnotherapy Helped Student Develop Confidence and Strength

Robert Nielson, MFT, has been practicing hypnotherapy for over twenty years. In that time, he has found that hypnotherapy generates positive, lasting change in troubled teens enrolled at co-ed Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School. Following is a former student's account of how hypnotherapy helped her make changes while enrolled at Cedar Ridge Academy.

"I really do feel that the hypnosis has made a difference in my life and has allowed me to just have more understanding of myself and past behaviors. I never thought I would be able to have a boyfriend and I'm glad we were able to really cover a lot of my guy issues. It's still weird how I do still attract guys who I would say have similarities to the ones I had issues with before but I try to look at it as more of a coincidence. I think because of what has happened it still has effected me in the sense that I'm more interested in long term relationships and take physically intimacy as a really serious and private thing. It never really interested me or made sense to me to hook up with other guys when I was single. If that makes sense. But I don't mind that because I don't think I would feel very good about myself if it was the other way around - hahaha.


I think the hypo has also helped me have a clear mind in general. I know that was a big issue that I had a lot of bad memories and was easily triggered but I feel that since I was able to deal with all of that at such a deep level it has really made long term changes.

In other sessions I believe that it was also making me stronger and more confident. It's crazy to think how insecure I was emotionally and physically. I'm still very independent and don't like when my mom smothers me every once in a while but I let her sometimes because I know it just helps her relieve a little stress here and there. But I do feel a whole lot more confident now. You are very right about how depending on how I do in school it plays a domino effect on me in general and my confidence. It's very true and obvious."

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