Thursday, April 11, 2013

Student Expresses Gratitude for Program at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School

Settling into working their program at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School is a different experience for every student. However, once students put their heart into making real, lasting behavioral changes that improve themselves and their family relationships, they express gratitude for their program. Below is a poem written by current student, Brooke, in which she expresses her feelings about Cedar Ridge Academy.

When I was at home
it wasn't unknown
that I was playing a deadly game,
one full of sin and shame.
I was walking a fine line,
and I was running out of time.
Now that I'm here,
I'm conquering all my fears.
So thank you CRA
for giving my life a way.
You, Cedar Ridge Academy
have helped put a future ahead of me.

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Karate Student

Part of Cedar Ridge Academy's program includes Shotokan Karate instruction that teaches self-control and respect for self and others. Brooke recently competed in an international Shotokan Karate competition. Her new-found confidence in herself and her skills served her well!

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