Friday, February 22, 2013

Cedar Ridge Academy Student Civic Service Assists Local Community Members

On Saturday, February 16th, science teacher Chad and four students from Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School took a trip to the Roosevelt Golf Course to introduce the public to cross country skiing.  We brought rental equipment and helped the people learn how to ski. It was very enjoyable for me in particular since I was able to help others have a good time, which is something that I really enjoy to do. One man was excited about skiing and we helped him learn, and at that, he picked it up really fast. One woman hurt her arm and we helped her out too. This is a handful of what we did to help the public that day. After teaching and helping others, we went off on our own trip around the trail, and got to see how it was for us. It was very enjoyable overall, and I hope that Cedar Ridge Academy can have more service projects like this in the future.
- Mike

Loading skis for civic service project
Students load skis to be used during civic service

Last Saturday, February 16th, the Pro Ski Squad (four male students) from Cedar Ridge Academy went out to the Roosevelt golf course.  While there, we helped some people.  I taught a woman to learn how to ski and she handed me her car keys and asked me to take them to her son. At that moment I felt very trusted -and the lady didn’t even know me.  We also helped some of science teacher Chad’s friends learn to ski.  Overall, we helped many people and while we did that, we had tons of fun. I hope we can do more like this at Cedar Ridge Academy to help others try new things.
- Jake

The skiing trip was cool; I enjoyed helping new skiers out.  I got to do some skiing myself, around this big circle on the Roosevelt golf course. I think the whole experience was good because new skiers got to learn, and I and some other students got to feel good about helping others out.
- Eric

Providing skis for cross country skiers

I can say that the skiing trip was the best way to get my community service done. I never thought it would have been that much fun. I definitely had a good time helping people out. I think I had the most fun with that because I just like to help people out without rewards. I also had some fun with the Pro Ski Squad. Although there were no jumps, I still had a lot of fun. I have to say it was one of the best times of my life. I highly suggest you go cross country skiing.
- Cameron

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