Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writing New Year Resolutions in English Class at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School

Last week at Cedar Ridge Academy Co-Ed Therapeutic Boarding School, English students finished up a two week long writing project that commemorated the New Year. All students that are in an English class have been split up into two groups: Group 1 meets on Tuesdays and Group 2 meets on Thursdays to discuss, work, and learn different reading and writing skills.  As a teacher, I try to focus on a writing skill and a reading skill each hour long meeting.  This helps the students with their academic recovery and development.  In addition, it allows me to focus on the areas that most students struggle with in the online classes that the students work on independently.

Recently, the students have been focusing on being clear in their writing with appropriate grammar and spelling.  To help students improve their writing, they need practice.  And why not practice with something that is interesting? With it being the New Year, I had them all complete a writing assignment about what they wanted to accomplish in 2013. To facilitate this assignment, I passed out two different prompts.

For the first assignment, I handed them all a blank star.  On the star they wrote down the answer to four unique prompts that followed the theme of 2013.  The students wrote:

2 Goals that they have for the year
0 Something that they would like to change this year
1 New place they would like to visit this year
3 New things that they would like to learn this year

The students jumped at the chance to share their goals with their peers and to be creative about what they want to do in the coming year.

Cedar _Ridge_Academy_co-ed_therapeutic_Boarding_School_English_project
Max points out his star on the bulletin board
The second assignment was a sentence that the students wrote the ending for. It said, “In 2013, I will knock your socks off by…”  The clever thing about this sentence is that I printed them on socks. 

After learning of the prompts, the students went to work to write their responses.  When finished writing, they decorated their stars and socks to go up on our main school bulletin board.  The students enjoyed the opportunity to make their writing response unique then publish it for display. Since creating the bulletin board, they have enjoyed reading each other’s responses.  They also look forward to their parents seeing the bulletin board when they come for Parent Workshop in March.

All student projects on display on the school bulletin board

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