Friday, January 18, 2013

Students at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Respond to the March on Washington

Yesterday, I posted about how each week at Cedar Ridge Academy Co-ed Therapeutic Boarding School, certified teachers hold classes that focus on pertinent academic activities that help students to become more engaged in their rigorous curriculum and assist them in their academic development. Yesterday, I posted about what the Social Studies class did this week and promised reflections from students about the March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s speech. Below are the responses from four students in my World Geography class. 

I think that the speech was good in that it worked just fine considering our positions today.  I don’t think that the speech would have been impactful if he would not have been assassinated.  I think that the event was pretty cool considering how many people were at the Lincoln Memorial.  But that is just my opinion; I think that it was cool that he altered the speech. 
–Student #1

In my mind, the March and the Speech were really successful because the March helped protest for more of the minimum wage they get and more of like them getting the same rights as everyone else and the speech.  Also, helped get the wants/needs through to the government and the speech was successful because of the fact that basically everyone in the crowd agreed with the speech itself. 
–Student #2

World Geography students writing their responses
 about the March on Washington
I think that Martin Luther King’s speech was very successful.  He used a lot of emotional appeal to help inspire the crowd.  It is still significant today, his delivery, even after I listened to it, is very powerful.  I believe that Dr. King had the gift of public speaking and utilized it in a way to help and aid all people who are oppressed.  Even today it rings true in the heart of Americans.  
–Student #3

I believe that marching on Washington was very important to happen, because it was a history changer for the best of the African American race.  If this speech did not happen, things might not have been a lot different now.  The speech was definitely successful, because how much ore equality there is now then how it was then.  
–Student #4

Editor’s Note: These responses were completely written by the students.  I have only corrected small errors to prevent confusion.  Their responses have remained anonymous for confidentiality reasons. 

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