Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Weather Affects the Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School's Shakespeare Trip

Between August 2nd and August 9th, some
Cedar Ridge Academy students attended a trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah.  These students had completed the class academics necessary to attend this trip.  For about the last decade, the certified English teachers have been teaching a rigorous curriculum to help students to understand William Shakespeare's words that also aims to help students with credit recovery, academic recovery, and prepare for college.  The class culminates in a great experience for these troubled teens: the trip.  To help with their academic development, one of their assignments is to write a reflection about the class or the trip to post on the blog.  This post was written by Mike.

A group of fifteen boys and girls with staff went to see Mary Stuart at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Overall, I thought that it was a decent performance.  Specifically, the actress that played Mary Stuart put on an excellent performance. This particular play was in the Adams Shakespearean Theatre, which is an outdoor theatre. The night that we saw the play, the weather was threatening rain. I thought that it was interesting how she improvised with the weather as she ad-libed a line about the clouds in the distance. Then when it started raining, it was interesting to see how long they kept going until they acknowledged the rain and called a delay.  The stage hands were very quick as they hurried to cover the stage from the rain.  The stage manager informed us that we would wait a bit to see if the storm would subside and if it did not, we would go over to the rain stage--an indoor auditorium.  It was scary when one of the stage hands was running to cover the stage, and then he tripped and fell.  The whole crowd gasped.  We later found out that he sprained his wrist.  We were sitting in the covered section so we didn't get wet, which was nice, and the cool breeze with the storm felt nice.  After a while, the rain went to a drizzle. Once it completely stopped, they wiped the stage down with rages to soak up the water so the surface was not slick.  They continued the performance after just a short twenty minute delay so it was not too bad. 

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Shakespeare Trip 2012
At the cabin, Mike rarely did not have his guitar with him

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