Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Plays Volleyball

Cedar Ridge Academy focuses on more than academics, the students' therapy, and credit recovery. Once you get to a high enough level you get to participate in other fun activities, such as sports. The boys have their own basketball team, and the girls have their own volleyball team. We get to go off campus and play in the Roosevelt league or even the Ute tribe league. Either way though, we get a full season to play in town and see how many games we can win.

The girls’ volleyball team this year consists of the five high level girls and two girls who play with us from Roosevelt. Every week we go to the Ute tribe reservation and play at the gym there. It’s an adult league, and there are about seven teams. Most of them are from the reservation and they’re all a challenge for us to play, but we always have a lot of fun.

Our Cedar Ridge Academy students wait for the serve from the other team

As one of the girls on the team, I know firsthand that it’s pretty intimidating walking into the gym where everybody knows each other, and we’re basically the odd team out. It was hard for us at first, because we were too tense while playing. The other team would be laughing and having a lot of fun while we would be stuck worrying about what we did. As the games progressed we slowly got into it more. Once we were used to the environment and got to know some of the people there, it was a lot easier. We started getting our serves over, letting fewer balls hit the floor, and we just had a better time. I also liked when they let us mix up the teams a few times to scrimmage and I got to play with girls from the other teams. That was good for me and the other girls too because we had the interactions with new people, and they even taught us some of their techniques. That was probably the coolest part for me, I had been expecting a cold shoulder from the teams, but instead I was met with friendship.

One of our students hits the ball back over the net.

Our volleyball season has consisted of four wins so far, with another possible win next week at our last game. It has been a fun activity throughout the season, as I know the other girls would agree with. We all learn new things every time, and we have met new people. Unfortunately next week is our last chance to play, but I know we’ll finish strong and have some good memories to take home with us.

--Written by K.V.

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