Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Dean's List Lunch

Every month our Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School teachers nominate a group of students for the Dean's List. The Dean's List is for students that the faculty has noticed working hard at their daily academics in order to meet their commitment to the school's high academic expectations and prevent being placed on mandatory structured study. Criteria for Dean's List nomination includes making a consistent effort with their online classes as well as direct instruction and also a willingness to help their peers under teacher supervision. Students on the Dean's List are rewarded for their positive attitude and hard work by going off-campus for lunch with one of our teachers.

For the month of September, four students went with Kimberly Hawks (Social Studies and English teacher), to Marion's Variety. Marion's is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that serves lunch and "the best shakes ever!" None of the students had been to Marion's before so they had a lot of fun exploring the broad range of novelty trinkets in Marion's gift shop. Marion's is known for their juicy hamburgers, so of course the kids wanted to try them out! Most of the students ordered double cheeseburgers with shakes, however, one of them ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and one even ordered chicken noodle soup! According to the students, everyone needs to try the strawberry-marshmallow and Oreo milkshakes!

Daily meals at Cedar Ridge Therapeutic Boarding School consist of healthy foods that don't include items such as soda and sugar so it's always a treat for students to eat off-campus.

This is what the students had to say about their Dean's List experience:

"The Dean's List is fun, exciting, and well worth the wait. It gives you a chance to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy something new."

"It was fun to go off-campus and the food was really, really good!"

"I was just happy to get a soda!"

"I love being able to reward the students for their efforts and dedication to their school work in this way. It gives us an opportunity to build a teacher-student relationship outside of the school that can translate into the classroom."                                                                                                     -Kimberly Hawks

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