Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cedar Ridge Academy Prepares Students from a Therapeutic Boarding School for Future Academics

Between August 2nd and August 9th, some
Cedar Ridge Academy students attended a trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah.  These students had completed the class academics necessary to attend this trip.  For about the last decade, the certified English teachers have been teaching a rigorous curriculum to help students to understand William Shakespeare's words that also aims to help students with credit recovery, academic recovery, and prepare for college.  The class culminates in a great experience for these troubled teens: the trip.  To help with their academic development, one of their assignments is to write a reflection about the class or the trip to post on the blog.  This post was written by Deborah.

Well this class has been one of the best experiences of my life.  When I first started this class I thought that it was going to be the easiest class ever to get credit on.  Once we started the paper and reading, I felt that it wasn't easy.  People that helped me have a better experience in that area were my teacher and my group.  My group helped me out so much with everything that we were doing. When we got assigned our topic for the research paper, I thought that it was going to be easier.  It really didn't end up being easier, but with my group's help I know that it was better than doing it alone. We managed to get it done, and I feel like I know how to write a research paper better now.  The other big project we had to do as a group was the final project.  Our final project was a news broadcast, which involved filming.  I got really pumped for it because I like acting and I felt that I could do well with this.  I think that doing this class showed me that I want to be an actor of some sort when I get into college. Doing this Shakespeare class has prepared me and helped me to get ready for college.

In addition to the projects, I really enjoyed the plays.  One of the plays that I liked the most out of all of them was Scapin. I like that one the most because it wasn’t all serious.   They were making jokes about a lot of things that I could understand.  I also think that it cleared my mind.  Overall, everyone should go see it.

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Shakespeare Trip 2012
Deborah pauses for a picture in the trees near the cabin on the Shakespeare Trip.

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