Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Does Birthdays on Shakespeare Trip

Between August 2nd and August 9th, some
Cedar Ridge Academy students attended a trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah.  These students had completed the class academics necessary to attend this trip.  For about the last decade, the certified English teachers have been teaching a rigorous curriculum to help students to understand William Shakespeare's words that also aims to help students with credit recovery, academic recovery, and prepare for college.  The class culminates in a great experience for these troubled teens: the trip.  To help with their academic development, one of their assignments is to write a reflection about the class or the trip to post on the blog.  This post was written by Katelyn.

The Shakespeare class trip to Cedar City was one of the best experiences I've had at Cedar Ridge.  While we were down there, I got to let my walls down and just be myself with my peers from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to bed.  As the trip progressed, I found myself more reluctant to go back because of how safe I started to feel.  I think that being able to talk to anyone at anytime helped me just be real.  I think this is one of the times that I've been the most vulnerable with both boys and girls.  I've let new emotions out and just found things out about myself that I didn't know. 

Also, I had my birthday while on the trip, and it's one of the better birthdays that I've had in a few years.  Because of the strong relationships I was building I felt like I was with my family and I felt cared for.  I also felt this, a lot during the last night when we had our fire family.  We basically all bawled our eyes out, gave each other hugs, and just gave each other love.  While we had our serious moments, we also were allowed to be light and joke around a little throughout the day.  I could spend a long time describing why I loved this trip, but I think its good enough.  All together, I loved it, and I would do it all over again if I could.

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Shakespeare Trip 2012
Katelyn (with Conrad in the background) posing with one of the actors from the Shakespeare Festival

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