Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This week in Why Try group,
the students learned about "seeing over the wall."
The students created motivational posters to help remind them about what is keeping them from seeing over their cuurent issues and staying stuck.
The students all put their own twist on the activity and here are some of the results.

You can see the differet issues that are keeping the students stuck being represented as bricks in the wall, and keeping them from looking past the wall toward their hopes and aspirations.

Most of the students put a ladder or stairway that represents the steps they will have to take to make it over the wall.

One of the things I found interesting was the presence of a 'short-cut' in some of their drawings.

The existance of a 'short-cut' was very telling; it cropped-up exclusively in the drawings done my students who tend to look for an exeption to the 'hard-way' or try to find an easy out (rather than take the steps). More than likely, they've been able to manipulate their way out of responsibilities consistantly in the past.
Another example that shows that the student is unwilling to 'take the steps' is in the images with a connon.

These students were unable to elaborate on what their cannons symbolized, and tended to believe that one great effort or behavior would see them past all their problems and on to their goals.

Both symbols will give us a lot to talk about in our next meeting.

Overall, I think the kids did a great job.

Not everyone accepted the concepts being taught, but most were willing to explore them.

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