Monday, August 29, 2011

Small Group Goodness

Here are some of the things students have been doing in "School Engagement" group, during our 'small group' counseling block.

If you have ever participated/assisted in the Why Try program, these activities will look familiar. The Why Try program is an empirically based system that is currently in use across the country. The program has been proven to alter student perceptions about school and improve academic performance.
Cedar Ridge Guidance Counseling Department has implemented the Why Try program in order to compliment the core Cedar Ridge therapeutic principles within the context of school performance.

Here is an example of the "Reality Ride" activity. Students spend time trying to figure out how they cycle through negetive behaviors and consequences.

THis student got creative and made the ride a board game; each role of the die taking down a different path. If any one out ther works for Milton Bradley, take notice.

Students then learned about 'Lables' and how to remove them. Here, the students thought hard and came up with their own lables.

I was really impressed with the students' engagement in the process. Hopefully, they will begin to think of themselves in terms of these new lables.

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