Monday, August 29, 2011

Small Group Goodness

Here are some of the things students have been doing in "School Engagement" group, during our 'small group' counseling block.

If you have ever participated/assisted in the Why Try program, these activities will look familiar. The Why Try program is an empirically based system that is currently in use across the country. The program has been proven to alter student perceptions about school and improve academic performance.
Cedar Ridge Guidance Counseling Department has implemented the Why Try program in order to compliment the core Cedar Ridge therapeutic principles within the context of school performance.

Here is an example of the "Reality Ride" activity. Students spend time trying to figure out how they cycle through negetive behaviors and consequences.

THis student got creative and made the ride a board game; each role of the die taking down a different path. If any one out ther works for Milton Bradley, take notice.

Students then learned about 'Lables' and how to remove them. Here, the students thought hard and came up with their own lables.

I was really impressed with the students' engagement in the process. Hopefully, they will begin to think of themselves in terms of these new lables.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I loved the trip so much it was very fun! I had a fun time being the director for my company but at times it was also stressful. I would have to say the best part of the trip was the bonfire. I liked being able to chill with everyone in a less structured environment. I LOVED THE TRIP!

Alex K



This "blog" entry is an attempt to explore one of the many exciting experiences I had on the trip. This blog is another of many firsts, such as cooking and most noteably live theater (I liked The Glass Managerie). The most exciting of new experiences was probably the hiking though. My dear friend Todd and I ran up a mountain side and found a beautiful look out point. I can't describe the rush I felt when I was up in the woods, feeling free, and in touch with nature.


                                                 Filming was the best part. I learned how to not shake the camera for 2.5 seconds but all in all I did an okay job :) .
After a long hike we stopped and took pictures by the aspen trees.
It was nice to have time to stop and smell the roses.

Our last night at the cabin we had a campfire with s'mores. I learned how to roast a marshmallow!
And shared a tree stump with Morgan.


Alex D.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ryan the Awesome!!!

 How's my Richard III face?
 "Hmmm... this domino looks funny..."
Insanity? Not on my watch King Lear! Feel the sting of my blade!!!
What a great trip! I am so happy that I chose to take the Shakespeare class! The plays were very uniquely done and thoroughly fun. I even enjoyed watching the Richard III preformance, which is usually a very dull and tedious play. out of all of the plays, I enjoyed Noises Off! the most. It is a farce about an acting company performing a show called Nothing On. It was absolutely hysterical! People were rolling in the isles! I hope our final project has the same results. We made a parody of a  newscast, basing everything on Shakespeare's plays that we studied. I think it is hilarious, but I have more background in the subjects. Today we took a hike around Cedar Breaks National Forest. Talk about beauty! I was astounded by the cliffs and forest stuff there! I've missed nature so much! Warmest Regards!

The Life of Marilyn

Having Christine as an english teacher is the Best.
I have had such a wonderful time with her on the Shakespeare Trip.

This is my personal group for the Shakespeare trip, and it was awesome to spend time with each and every one of them.

Kimberly, it was fun to hang out with her out side of Cedar Ridge Academy. On this
trip seeing the teachers having different personality was so much fun.

The Adventures of Alex K

My exciting part of the project was editing the movie we made.

This here is my company where we assisted eachother in making the film I often recorded. Morgan is seen being in her natural bossy form. Just Kidding

I don't even know what to say but it is SICK!

Overall this has been a fun experience where I am able to  explore my acting and movie editing skills. This has been a very unique and cool experience. Productiveness and fun co exist in our cabin.
My favorite things have been our ability to cook real food and watch the plays. Noises off was by far my favorite. Noises Off was about a play in a play and the actors acted silly and melo dramatic it was the funniest most entertaining play. I have been able to connect with the whole group with fun things. My beard is sick.
All my best-Alexander Greek last name

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