Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reconnecting in Chicago

Sean and I went on a trip to Chicago to meet with some consultants. The best part about the trip (was not the weather!) was meeting up with three of our alumni and connecting with them.

We met with Andys, a student (a man, now, but it's hard to think of these guys as all grown up) who left Cedar Ridge about five years ago. He went to school for music producing and has been a dj and music remixer for the past three years in Chicago. Andys went with us to hear Dan, an alumni who has been home in Illinois for ten! years, play with his band Juniper Mays at the La Salle Power Co. It was good! They consider their music to be 'blue grass rock.' You can check out more at I was surpised--I actually really like their music and have it on my iPod now.

We had breakfast with Vanessa, an alumni who has been home in Chicago for almost five years, starting out at the University of Chicago, then going into Yale's painting program, then starting her own business and going to pastry school. Her business is Sweet Vee's Laboratory, and 'experimental' baking and catering company. You can check that out at She was really centered and applied a lot of what she learned at Cedar Ridge to keep herself healthy and positive. I can tell you, I was not like this at 23 years old!

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