Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I appreciate

I’m driven to share.

My “awareness” card this month is, “When I focus on positive energy, I am aware that I attract more of it.”

So….I just returned from lunch in town and as I was walking from my house to the main office I noticed some things.

The weather. It just cooled off as a storm of clouds has rolled in. A few sprinkles have managed to hit my arms and head. The breeze is great and I love the smell of rain.

As I continued to be in the moment with the weather I noticed one of our therapists walking down another road of ours past one of our ponds. He had a student with him and they were most likely having a therapy session. The canter of their pace showed they were in some deep conversation. I was deeply touched to see this therapist put his hand on the shoulder of the student reassuring the strength of their relationship and the confidence he had in the student.

I began to reflect on the serenity of the moment for them, and for myself seeing them in this moment. It was uplifting. I appreciate them.

I then noticed another therapist having a session with a student over by one of our animal pens. They were feeding the horse and llamas by one of our girl’s homes. Working with animals is such a positive tool in relationships. The body language resembled more of a difficult conversation than the other session. It looked as though the student was struggling to let go of something in his life. That can be so hard.

I appreciate the opportunity to be a part—even from a distance, of that moment. Watching others change helps me stay humble about the need for self-awareness and reflection of my life.

Last but not least, as I pressed on towards the main building I had to pause as our seven turkeys walked right in front of me. I’m still smiling. How can I not smile? Have you seen a group of turkeys taking a stroll lately? Perhaps I need to put a “Turkey Crossing” sign…

I appreciate those turkeys being a part of my life and for them feeling comfortable and secure on our campus. There is no other place or time I would rather be than right here and now.

Oh…there go the turkeys wandering past my office window. Yeah, I’m still smiling…

Thank you.

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