Monday, December 27, 2010

Jake’s graduation

It was a small graduation since many students had already left for holiday passes but small can still be great. :)

We’re very happy for Jake to have made this great accomplishment. He worked hard—most of the time :) (Jake knows what we’re talking about).

Keep up the good work Jake and enjoy your time at home getting ready for college! Ah college…

Sean and the Cedar Ridge Academy family.

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Kat’s graduation

Great Job Kat.

I’m behind in getting this post up but we’re still very proud and excited for Kat. She worked very hard to graduate high school and the program on level 900. You rock Kat. You can tell from all the smiles, tears, and hugs that she made some fantastic relationships while she was here. One boy proposed to her—look below. For all legal purposes—it was not a real proposal :) just students having fun together.

Kat we love you and are proud of you. We hope you had a fantastic holiday with your family and that you are settling in well. Keep that good foot moving forward and keep in touch with us.

Sean and the Cedar Ridge Academy family.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday’s experiential

For today’s experiential we played basketball.

Two rules.

1 – We had to pass to each person on our team before shooting the ball.

2 – We had to pass alternate passes to boys and girls.

It was the number 2 rule that required the most focus from each person.

It was tough at first but after a time out everyone did better and had more fun.

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