Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Utah Open karate trip

I thought this picture was another great one for summarizing the friendships the students form together.
This group of students went to Salt Lake City for the Utah Open karate tournament. Based on the picture I think we can all tell they had a good time. Except for maybe Davis because his head got cut off on this picture. Going to have to give some better lessons on photography to the general passerby...
Christine is supposed to be putting more pictures on the Karate blog from this tourney and from some of the last Kyu exams. It may take awhile. Until then though you can look at all of her student photos on chaggerty.zenfolio.com. She has been using it as a storage/photo album. You can download any picture from here. You can also order prints from it as well.

CRA is actually staying home this weekend from any trips. We've been doing a lot of traveling the last few weeks and the break will be nice. Next weekend is a Softball tourney in Moab, Utah and Christine is thinking about planning another karate trip to SLC for this weekend too.

Wait a minute, I forgot about the Trails Trip this weekend with Chad and Renae. Their going to the Moonshine Arch Trail that is north of Vernal, Utah. Here is a link to some pictures and info. http://www.blm.gov/ut/st/en/fo/vernal/recreation_/moon_shine_arch.html

Happy trails...

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