Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank you

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to everyone that has been following our blog. The students are having some good times knowing their parents are seeing what they have been doing.

We have been adding more blogs and more to each blog so make sure you check them all out when you get a chance. Bocce Ball Therapy and Llama Therapy?? If you don't know what that is then you better check the activities blog. Our therapists have been getting out of the office quite a bit with the beautiful weather we've been having.

FYI-The Karate blog will be updated shortly with information and pictures from the Utah Open Karate Tournament.

Thanks again and I will post more later,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. What a day. What a calling in life. Mother's.
This is my mother. Nadine. Yes sir, she brought me into this world and she can take me out. Ten and a half pounds right off the bat with shoulders that were ready to play football. Thank you, Mother.
Through everything she has been there for me. Shielding, caring, disciplining, hugging, teaching, letting me get in trouble...and let's not forget --she always allowed me the "opportunity" to work it out. One time when I was about 7 or 8, I had the idea to supply some matches to my friends for who knows what. I'm sure it was a bad idea. I carefully snuck into the kitchen to reach for them. I made sure her back was to me while I attempted to grab the book. Without seeing me, or hearing me, she asked, "How's things going Sean...?" I was busted. I learned then that Mothers have special DNA that should not be dabbled with. She intervened and protected me from making a bad choice, and grounded me from my friends. I was mad at her. It wasn't fair. She was just picking on me and would never do this to my brothers, and on and on...Thank you Mother for loving me enough to act with integrity when I was unwilling to. Thank you, Mother.
As mothers have done their best to raise their children in an honest and loving way, we children make choices that go against the natural caring and safe environment that mothers provide. Many mothers are at their end as they look outside of the family for help with their wayward child. It's a hard time and one that mothers do not deserve, but this is their child and they know the good that is in them. So as a child comes to Cedar Ridge, mothers are at the end and recognize this to be the only way to gain control again and provide that safe environment that the mothers DNA knows to be needed. Thank you mothers.
But then the next step happens. Unfamiliar and new, the mother tries to find new ways to show love and affection. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes we children won't allow our mothers to give us that affection. I'm grateful for the patience of all the mothers, mine included, who have allowed us children to run our course, find ourselves, and then return that love back to them. Thank you mothers.
So, if willing, I would like to hear stories from our mothers, (or fathers who have had to play that role), about your road, the sometimes dark road where you knew you had to intervene, and the bright road that hopefully you are now currently on. Thank you mothers.
Oh, and let's remember,

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