Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Cedar Ridge Academy

Man, it took forever to decide which picture to use as the first picture of our blog. We have 13 years worth to go through and so many different activities to show. How do you encapsulate the Cedar Ridge experience with just one picture? I chose this one for its serenity. This is from a trails trip in 2008 in a small pocket of the desert landscape that surrounds us. It is one of our girls being reflective about things.
Reflection. It is something that we all do. Students, parents, staff... I love it when I talk with students and they tell me about their latest revelation in life or therapy. They have so much spark in their eye and life in their voice as they tell their latest story to me. (One of the main reasons I enjoy this career is for these moments) And many times their stories stem from a quiet place and time, after struggling with a critical issue.
My plan for this blog is to bring these times to the attention of the reader--Current, past, and future parents/students as well as others that may pass by and find comfort in the reflective moment. I welcome thoughts and comments from anyone that would like to add.
It is by standing close and lifting together that we are able to be successful in life.

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