Friday, October 23, 2009

Check the Karate Bog

Everyone make sure to check the karate blog. You will find the link on this page or go to We have 13 students from our Cedar Ridge Academy dojo who are competing in Phoenix, Arizona and are having a blast just getting there. Most of the posts will be done by students so check in to see what they think about this annual trip.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Future so BRIGHT"

I was going through a lot of the pictures the students have been taking and saw a trend with sunglasses. And you know we had to tag it with the 80's hit song, "My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades." So here you go with some "oh so bright futures", and attitudes. :)

These are from some fireworks the students went to.

South Carolina girl. You can't see, but she's very focused on an intense coed Monopoly game.

He's hiking to the petroglyphs.

Girls home fun

This is one of our staff who works in the girls home. Always ready to have fun.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Girls Softball is done for the season

Sorry to Mary and all the other girls who will miss softball, but it's time to get prepared for volleyball. Here are a bunch of photos from different parts of the season. It was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to next season.
California Dancing Queen playing shortstop.

This girl swore she would never be able to do this. But alas, she was able :)

She didn't miss all of those balls. But some...

She figured she could not hit the ball either. But she did...

These two opted to play the shift on the left side of the infield. I'm pretty confident there was more talking than anything else.

All the really cool girls wear cool socks, and socks are critical game time wear. And school wear. And evening wear. And sleep wear....

DA Pitcher.

DA Batter.

I don't think she believed I really was going to take this picture, or post it. She maaaayyy be upset.

Franchise Player Extraooooordinnnnnnaaaaire.

She's playing catch with.......

.....this girl :)

Mentoring at its finest. I remember when this Mentor was being taught by her mentor. LIFE.

I had a lot of fun with the girls. With pre-season volleyball training coming into full swing, Christine will have her hands full. The girls will be practicing on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3. This will count for their P.E. class on these days. We'll try to get some pictures of that in the next few weeks.
BTW- The boys will be hanging up their softball gloves and starting their pre-season basketball training in a couple weeks. Many of them are ready and excited to start the drills. We had a solid team last year and figure for a solid team this year.
Thanks for following along.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lauren Graduates!!

Well everyone, she did it. What an accomplishment too. Not only did Lauren graduate--she graduated a full year eary.

Here is Pam reading out of the Dr. Seuss book "Oh the places you will go". It's a tradition to award this book to students as part of their graduation process. Pam picks a few specific pages she feels resemble the graduating student, and reads them at the graduation.

Words of advice from some of Lauren's closest friends; Demi and Mary.

What a group of girls.

Hugs are standard operating procedure.

One more hug for the road from Leslie. This is in the cafeteria after the graduation.
All the girls get to "help" eat Lauren's graduation cake.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain is the best sprinkler

Hello to all our families. Thank you for your continued support of our blog. These are a few of the pictures of our campus after almost three weeks of rain. It is amazing how much rain we have had this year. It is blessing us with some great natural BEAUTY.

Beautiful Yellow

Some pictures of one of our ponds.

Desert Purple

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Utah Open karate trip

I thought this picture was another great one for summarizing the friendships the students form together.
This group of students went to Salt Lake City for the Utah Open karate tournament. Based on the picture I think we can all tell they had a good time. Except for maybe Davis because his head got cut off on this picture. Going to have to give some better lessons on photography to the general passerby...
Christine is supposed to be putting more pictures on the Karate blog from this tourney and from some of the last Kyu exams. It may take awhile. Until then though you can look at all of her student photos on She has been using it as a storage/photo album. You can download any picture from here. You can also order prints from it as well.

CRA is actually staying home this weekend from any trips. We've been doing a lot of traveling the last few weeks and the break will be nice. Next weekend is a Softball tourney in Moab, Utah and Christine is thinking about planning another karate trip to SLC for this weekend too.

Wait a minute, I forgot about the Trails Trip this weekend with Chad and Renae. Their going to the Moonshine Arch Trail that is north of Vernal, Utah. Here is a link to some pictures and info.

Happy trails...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank you

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to everyone that has been following our blog. The students are having some good times knowing their parents are seeing what they have been doing.

We have been adding more blogs and more to each blog so make sure you check them all out when you get a chance. Bocce Ball Therapy and Llama Therapy?? If you don't know what that is then you better check the activities blog. Our therapists have been getting out of the office quite a bit with the beautiful weather we've been having.

FYI-The Karate blog will be updated shortly with information and pictures from the Utah Open Karate Tournament.

Thanks again and I will post more later,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. What a day. What a calling in life. Mother's.
This is my mother. Nadine. Yes sir, she brought me into this world and she can take me out. Ten and a half pounds right off the bat with shoulders that were ready to play football. Thank you, Mother.
Through everything she has been there for me. Shielding, caring, disciplining, hugging, teaching, letting me get in trouble...and let's not forget --she always allowed me the "opportunity" to work it out. One time when I was about 7 or 8, I had the idea to supply some matches to my friends for who knows what. I'm sure it was a bad idea. I carefully snuck into the kitchen to reach for them. I made sure her back was to me while I attempted to grab the book. Without seeing me, or hearing me, she asked, "How's things going Sean...?" I was busted. I learned then that Mothers have special DNA that should not be dabbled with. She intervened and protected me from making a bad choice, and grounded me from my friends. I was mad at her. It wasn't fair. She was just picking on me and would never do this to my brothers, and on and on...Thank you Mother for loving me enough to act with integrity when I was unwilling to. Thank you, Mother.
As mothers have done their best to raise their children in an honest and loving way, we children make choices that go against the natural caring and safe environment that mothers provide. Many mothers are at their end as they look outside of the family for help with their wayward child. It's a hard time and one that mothers do not deserve, but this is their child and they know the good that is in them. So as a child comes to Cedar Ridge, mothers are at the end and recognize this to be the only way to gain control again and provide that safe environment that the mothers DNA knows to be needed. Thank you mothers.
But then the next step happens. Unfamiliar and new, the mother tries to find new ways to show love and affection. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes we children won't allow our mothers to give us that affection. I'm grateful for the patience of all the mothers, mine included, who have allowed us children to run our course, find ourselves, and then return that love back to them. Thank you mothers.
So, if willing, I would like to hear stories from our mothers, (or fathers who have had to play that role), about your road, the sometimes dark road where you knew you had to intervene, and the bright road that hopefully you are now currently on. Thank you mothers.
Oh, and let's remember,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Cedar Ridge Academy

Man, it took forever to decide which picture to use as the first picture of our blog. We have 13 years worth to go through and so many different activities to show. How do you encapsulate the Cedar Ridge experience with just one picture? I chose this one for its serenity. This is from a trails trip in 2008 in a small pocket of the desert landscape that surrounds us. It is one of our girls being reflective about things.
Reflection. It is something that we all do. Students, parents, staff... I love it when I talk with students and they tell me about their latest revelation in life or therapy. They have so much spark in their eye and life in their voice as they tell their latest story to me. (One of the main reasons I enjoy this career is for these moments) And many times their stories stem from a quiet place and time, after struggling with a critical issue.
My plan for this blog is to bring these times to the attention of the reader--Current, past, and future parents/students as well as others that may pass by and find comfort in the reflective moment. I welcome thoughts and comments from anyone that would like to add.
It is by standing close and lifting together that we are able to be successful in life.

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